About us

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We manufacture more than 100 million self-seal sterilisation pouches per year.

We are Granton®

At Granton® we've spent over half a century earning our reputation for excellence. Customers come to us because we've got the expertise and resources to provide the services they know they can count on in a massive range of applications. In our sector, that includes applications where lives will depend on the integrity of our work.

Based in Sheffield - the heart of medical and healthcare technologies in the UK - our business has grown into the country's largest manufacturer of self-seal sterilisation pouches; we currently produce more than 100 million pouches per year. But size isn't everything and that's why we've continually invested in the facilities, technologies and expertise that's kept us at the very top of our game when it comes to quality, consistency and value.

Today, we offer an almost infinite range of customised turnkey solutions that meet the demands of manufacturers in the medical, dental, orthopaedic, podiatry and other challenging arenas. From cleanroom packing and assembling right through to thermal washing and disinfection, our services play a critical part in the commercial success of the customers who use them.

Our work conforms to: ISO Class 7 (incorporating Class 5 zones), ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008